There can be a number of reasons when you need to call a car towing company. Maybe it is because your car has broken down on the highway. Or maybe, you were in a minor accident. In other cases, you just need to get your vehicle to the mechanic from your home. Customers usually do not know the differences between towing when the car has broken down versus towing in the case of an accident. However, knowing the differences will help you out in case of one of these unfortunate events.

Breakdown Towing / Trade Towing

“Trade Towing” is a label used for towing vehicles that have not been in an accident. As an example, your vehicle breaks down on the side of the road. You require the assistance of a tow truck to tow the vehicle. You do not have an RACV membership to cover the cost of the removal of your vehicle.

Therefore, trade towing is towing that is used for hire or reward. It can be done by anyone that has a vehicle that is capable of towing. This does include tow trucks that have the license to assist in accident scenarios. Trade towing operators are not required to be licensed anymore. However, they still need to adhere to other laws. These laws include consumer protection laws, road safety laws, etc.

Accident Towing

A vehicle that has been involved in an accident and needs to be towed away can only be done by a tow truck company that is licensed. Licensed vehicles are issued with a “TOW” or “HTT” number plate. The people in the Tow Truck, like driver and other passengers, that are qualified to attend an accident scene must also be accredited.

Cost of a Tow Truck Service

For towing costs, there are 2 kinds of towing charges that apply for Car Removal and Towing in Melbourne. For accident towing, the charges are according to the rates that are published in Victorian Government Gazettes and will include GST. Apart from that, a good and reputable Towing Company like Towing Melbourne accepts both cash and credit cards.

This is relevant in case you do not have any cash on hand, due to the fact that sometimes cars are not released by the tow truck operators until the bill is paid.

Car Towing is something you should plan ahead for because it is nothing but a classic example of an emergency. To save yourself from inconveniences, contact Towing Melbourne at 0426 020 595 for quick and cheap towing services, 24/7.

Content author: Clixpert Digital Agency