Fast & Efficient Towing Service Around Melbourne

Don’t get stuck on the side of the road in the dark. With a quick response team, we are always able to easily arrange for a towing or tilt tray pickup for your vehicle at any time so you aren’t left waiting around. Whether it be a car breakdown, machinery transport request, or the unfortunate event of a car accident, we guarantee no one will be faster or more professional. Our Tow trucks are built to handle any situation, including on and off road lifting.

Towing Melbourne provides a 24-hour service because we understand that breakdowns and accidents happen at the most inopportune times. Our team are prepared and ready to dispatch the necessary specialists to your location no matter how late it is or where you are in Melbourne.

If you need to have your motor vehicle towed anywhere in Melbourne, regardless of its make, model, size or condition, Towing Melbourne can assist. Our prompt and dependable service has made our company the most reliable tow service in Melbourne, beating our competitors not only in price but inefficiency.

Importance of Towing

At Towing Melbourne we recognize the importance of speed when an emergency arises, and our expert team of Tow Truck drivers are fully trained and equipped to handle any situation. We also understand how imperative it is to tow your vehicle out of the danger zone when you’ve broken down or being involved in an accident especially if you are in a high traffic district. We want to make things easier for you and ensure that you won’t have to wait too long to have your car towed and/or repaired.

After an accident drivers are always in shock and require a sensitive approach. At the most unexpected time you deserve the best possible service available to you and at Towing Melbourne we plan on giving you just that. We are the leading accident towing service provider in Melbourne offering complete and prompt towing services and road recovery help for vehicles that get damaged in an accident. The sooner your vehicle is towed the better.

Not only do we deal in accident towing services but also hope with roadside assistance because every now and then you will be unfortunate enough to have a flat tyre or Battery. At Towing Melbourne we can help you jump start your motor vehicle or change your tyre. In the worst case scenario, we can tow your motor vehicle or Motor bike to a location of your choice.

Specialising in the Heavy Duty Jobs

Towing Melbourne specialises in all forms of heavy duty towing and transportation such as tractors, forklifts and heavy duty vehicles. We provide a team of fully prepared technicians who can safely have your large vehicle transported with no dramas. Our heavy duty trucks can support over a ton in weight so there is no job too big or too small for us to handle. So rest assure what you might find a difficult task may just be a regular daily duty for us.

Besides vehicles, we specialise in transporting and towing a large variety of equipment from forklifts, tractors, farm equipment and much more.

Here is what we can Tow:

  • – Utes
  • – Vans
  • – Boats
  • – Light Trucks/Machinery
  • – Forklifts
  • – Bobcats
  • – Excavators
  • – Caravans/Motor Homes
  • – Trailers
  • – And More!


Quality Service and Equipment

We are renowned in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area for providing not only prompt accident towing services but also highest quality transportation of all heavy-duty vehicles, including machinery transport and even equipment carriage. We provide local and long-distant towing for cars, light trucks, and small utility trucks.

Whether you drive a car, truck, motorcycle, motor home, or bus we have the equipment and expertise to handle your vehicle our equipment and team are capable of handling the broadest range of towing circumstances, with the use of Tow Trucks, Tilt Trays, Tow Dollies and a strict Safety Code we provide an exemplary service to all our customers. Skilled in operating any type of vehicle Towing Melbourne provides a dependable 24-hour service that can assist you.

At Towing Melbourne we offer a dependable and professional towing and recovery service in Melbourne. We’ll go anywhere at any time to tow your vehicle no matter the size at prices that will fit your budget. We take every precaution to ensure that your vehicle is securely strapped and secured to be transported. Our tow trucks are kept in excellent condition and our experienced drivers.

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