Unwanted Car Removal In Melbourne If you don’t want it, we’ll remove it!

If you are looking to dispose of or recycle your old unwanted, scrap or damaged car that is no longer required or not worth the repair, then you have come to the right place. A vehicle that is not being used or waiting for repairs can sit in the garage or in the driveway for months if not years! Eventually, 95% of all owners choose to remove the cars and get them towed to a scrap yard. At Towing Melbourne we provide unwanted/scrap car removal for free! We specialise in disposing of scrap cars and the removal of unwanted cars from any premises with minimal hassle.

Unwanted car removal/disposal can be an easy task if you’re dealing with the right company, Towing Melbourne are one of the best unwanted/scrap car removalists in Melbourne offering a 24-hour service. All our removal team experts are equipped with the latest tools and equipment to help them remove your car from any condition and situation.

It not only helps you, it helps the environment

Unused, damaged or deregistered vehicles rusting away and taking up space is considered a form of pollution. Towing Melbourne helps keep the roads and streets clear of those un-registered/scrap cars that are occupying space on our streets, roads, and vacant lands that are a hazard to our environment.

No matter the condition of the scrap/unwanted car is in, we are happy to dispose of it. We provide Free Pickup and Towing of your Unwanted Cars, Motorcycles, Light Trucks, Caravans, Boats, Trailers, and more. We can organize a pick up from anywhere in Melbourne at no charge to you.
We come to you with our Free Towing service to remove your Unwanted Cars.

Unregistered Vehicles Removal For Free

It is not uncommon to see unregistered and unwanted cars on the roadside and often acting as a menace to other road users, vehicle drivers and car parkers. If you stumble upon an unregistered vehicle blocking the path or road for the community then we can help. We make the removal of any scrap or unwanted vehicle simple. At Towing Melbourne we are fully equipped with trucks and professional drivers that have good knowledge and experience of providing salvage duty to businesses, individuals and councils. We Offer Car removal services in other all MAJOR CITIES Sydney scrap car removal offers top cash for cars. Geelong cash for cars offers top dollar for unwanted cars. Perth car wreckers offer cash for scrap cars

Our Removal Services Include:

  • – Free Removal and Towing of Unwanted cars or bodies with or without wheels
  • – 24/7 Towing Breakdown Vehicles
  • – Towing off Road Recovery
  • – Car and Truck Towing
  • – Junk Car Removal
  • – Vehicle Salvaging
  • – Scrap Removal
  • – Machinery moving or removal

We are one of the most proficient and experienced operators of heavy salvage and recovery services in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area. With no job too big or small, no matter the condition, make or model, we provide a reliable and hassle-free removal service.

Hassle-Free Car Removal

Rather than have you deal with the unwanted car removal at Towing Melbourne we make the disposal of your unwanted/Scrap car simple. We take care of all your scrap, old, broken, rusted, damaged and unwanted vehicles that are not worth registering anymore.

Save your time and money on insurance and registration on a vehicle that is no longer needed just give us a call and we can arrange a time that is convenient for you and we will send our removal team. Our team of friendly and efficient drivers are well trained to undertake any serious salvage efforts where the level of danger is quite high. Rest assured we will also take care of all necessary paperwork with minimum trouble.

Towing Melbourne offers its valued customers courteous salvage services and continuously work towards providing an efficient service. With 24-hour assistance, this means we can work around your schedule. Just let us know when it’s convenient for you and we will dispatch our removal team to collect at your location.

If you really want to experience a reliable service with no job too hard or small for us, give us a call and we guarantee your satisfaction with our quick response service. We remove your scrap cars, unwanted vans, and junk 4×4’s 100% free of charge. For more information regarding the number plate visit Vic roads

Call 0426 020 595 for a fast removal!