Tilt Tray Towing Specialists In Melbourne

The transportation of heavy machinery or vehicles needs to be taken seriously. Transporting heavy loads without the necessary precautions, equipment and training poses a great danger for the transportation vehicle, other drivers and even pedestrians, which is why it is always best to leave it to the professionals. When choosing a Towing Company it is important to choose carefully as there are so many problems that can occur. Certain Vehicles like 4 wheel drives should be on a Flat Bed Truck/Tilt Tray, front wheel drive cars should be raised from the front & rear wheel drive cars should be rear lifted to prevent damage to the gear box (transmission). At Towing Melbourne our fleet consists of all the suitable requirements and systems for damage free transport.

At Towing Melbourne we provide Tilt Tray Towing throughout Melbourne for the removal, and transportation for a range of vehicles and machinery. Our Tilt Tray Towing and load trucks are specifically used for a variety of situations including the removal of accident vehicles and transportation of vehicles, machinery, boats, forklifts and light trucks.

Our Tilt Tray and load trucks have a variety of towing applications, these are most commonly used for moving AWD and 4 Wheel drive vehicles. These trucks are extremely useful in removing vehicles from the scenes of accidents. We also provide Tilt Tray Services for prestige and lowered cars. Towing Melbourne pride ourselves on Punctuality & Damage free tilt tray Towing service for Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles including Scooters.

With our strong fleet of Tilt Trays and Tow Trucks we can certainly guarantee that our trained specialists will be able to assist you no matter the circumstance.


If you need a large vehicle or machinery transported then we can help you! No matter the item we can carry it. All our Tilt Tray vehicles are 2 car carriers, allowing us to move 2 vehicles at the same time.

Not only do we have the right equipment to do the job we also have a team of professional Tilt Tray operators who are trained and experienced, our tilt trays are available for any load that can be carried safely, we also carry all the right equipment to ensure a safe and damage free recovery or transportation.
Towing Melbourne are the most efficient and reliable towing service when it comes tilt tray service. It is the most effective form of transport for all forms of heavy machinery and vehicles.

Special Vehicle Transport

Not only doe Towing Melbourne offer road recovery assistance and takes away unregistered and unwanted old cars off the road but it also caters to other aspects of vehicle transportation. With the use of our Tilt Tray we are also able to move classic or exotic cars and have a specialised motorcycle rack for safe and damage free moving of motorcycles.

When transporting classic cars, we make sure to treat them with the care and respect they deserve. When your vehicle is your pride and joy such as an exotic, classic or sports car you rely on expert towing to safely get it to its destination. At Towing Melbourne all our trucks are fully equipped with wheel-straps for damage free transportation and our drivers have the experience and training to make your move stress free. Whether you looking for pick-up and delivery or transporting, call us to discuss your requirements.

Heavy Machinery Transport

Besides motor vehicle towing, we also transport a large variety of machinery from Forklifts, Bobcats, Rollers and much more. If you need something moved and not sure who to turn to, give Towing Melbourne a call! We are able to carry out heavy machinery transport from one place to another in Melbourne with the help of our fully equipped trucks that are designed especially for machinery transport and driven only by professional and experienced drivers.
The wide range of services that Towing Melbourne provide makes it an excellent choice for customers on the lookout for accident towing services, road recovery assistance provisions as well as the transportation of heavy machinery.

The only thing you need to do is pick up the phone and we’ll dispatch our professional specialist to your location.