Generally, by the term towing most people think of using a tow truck to remove cars that break down on the middle or the side of the road.

Other than cars, using towing services for different types of vehicles is also common. Starting from motorcycles, vans, trucks to boats, and even heavy-duty containers, towing services can move any vehicle and equipment to your planned destinations.

It means towing services companies can tow both light and heavy vehicles to local and long-distance places. These companies often also provide incidental services, such as emergency repair and storage.

According to the statistics by IBISWorld, the towing market size in Australia is $472.2 million in 2021. High numbers of motor vehicles and recurring mechanical issues have increased the demand for towing services in Australia. Especially, towing in Melbourne is one of the in-demand services.

Here Is How Towing Services Prove To Be Handy For Different Types Of Vehicles:

A majority of cars and small commercial vehicles fall in the category of regular vehicles. If you drive a sedan, SUV, station wagon, or utility car, a towing service will consider it a standard vehicle for towing.

Regular Cars & Small Commercial Vehicles

If you have a truck or a car that has a wider than usual body or wheel-base, or if it is bigger than most vehicles, it might be in the category of a non-standard vehicle for towing requirements. Despite the size, a reputable company that offers to tow in Melbourne will have no problem moving the vehicle to your destination.

Buses, Trucks, and Caravans

Towing larger commercial or industrial trucks will need specialised towing services. Large buses, coaches, and lorries are examples of such vehicles. Even vehicles, including caravans, horse floats, and camper vans are considered non-standard vehicles. A Melbourne towing company can offer efficient towing services and roadside assistance to move these vehicles.

Vehicles like these may require specialised lifting and advanced towing equipment, as well as an additional towing charge. Towing a bus or a truck is not possible with a regular towing vehicle, and Towing Melbourne has expertise in moving them.

Motorcycles and Boats

Not just four-wheelers, towing services move motorcycles and boats too. Your motorcycle might stop in the middle of the road and does not start, and you might need a mechanic. Services relating to towing in Melbourne can help to move your vehicle to the nearest repair shop.

When choosing a Melbourne towing company, make sure that it has the right type of towing vehicle and equipment to avoid damage to your motorcycle or boat. A company like Towing Melbourne can tow your ride from even an underground Melbourne car park.

Trailers, Forklifts, Shipping Containers & Excavators

When it comes to towing, very few people would think of heavy-duty items such as trailers, forklifts, shipping containers, or excavators. However, a professional towing company like Towing Melbourne can easily move such heavy vehicles and equipment to their destinations.

Towing services can move a trailer or forklift from their collection site to a construction site. They can even move these items to long-distance places where you need them.

Consult Towing Melbourne Today for Fast & Efficient Towing Services

If you need towing in Melbourne for your vehicle, keep the contact numbers of a reputable Melbourne towing company handy. While asking for towing service, make sure you mention your vehicle type, make, and model to the service provider so that they can immediately dispatch a towing truck to your location.

To get responsive, efficient, and affordable towing in Melbourne, feel free to keep in touch with Towing Melbourne to move any type of vehicle and machinery. Please dial 0426-020-595, or fill out this online contact form to receive an instant quote.

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