Tilt tray towing is considered to be one of the safest ways to transport vehicles, tractors, and motorcycles. Towing Melbourne is a towing company in Melbourne that provides quality tilt tray towing services at affordable rates and provides the following information on tilt tray towing. Towing Melbourne is a local tow truck company that provides a range of roadside emergency & towing services, offering quality services to all our customers.

Flatbed towing is considered among the best type of towing for vehicles as it is a much safer option. With a flatbed tow truck, vehicles are transported completely off the ground, so the risk of damage during transport is minimised. Years ago, towing would be done with dollies or a tow bar, both are extremely dangerous ways to tow and should never be considered.

Tilt Tray Towing Melbourne

Flatbed tow trucks or motorised vehicles with a trailer on the back of the truck. The convenience and safety features of the truck are undeniable. The trucks are equipped with hydraulics that tilts the tray at an angle lowering it to the ground where vehicles can then be pulled onto the tray trailer via a chain wrench. The nice thing about tilt tray towing is that the car is transported off the ground for optimal safety. Tilt tray towing of the show and luxury cars includes soft straps to secure the vehicles when transporting. Being the safest option for towing vehicle owners often opt for tilt tray towing services.

What Is Tilt Tray Towing?

While tilt tray towing is a premium tow, the company needs to be experienced. The tow trucks should be well maintained, and the drivers should be highly trained and skilful, as well as possess the right credentials. Towing Melbourne is a qualified towing company with trained, experienced and skilful drivers. Our drivers are rigorously trained in safety procedures and logistics and have the experience to provide quality towing services for all types of vehicles.

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