If you own a vehicle in a city like Melbourne, then you understand the importance of having the contacts of a towing company handy. You could get a mechanical problem or a flat tire in the dead of the night, and unless you can access prompt roadside assistance, you are bound to have a very nasty experience that night.

However, Melbourne is blessed to have wonderful towing companies such as Towing Melbourne that offer 24/7 towing services, and if you call them at 0426020595, you will always be guaranteed of getting assistance at any time of day or night.

But did you know there are other ways you could use to get cheap or free towing service in Melbourne? In as much as the city is endowed with very reputable towing companies, considering other alternatives may be ideal in helping you save a few coins in a year. Here are some of the other ways you could get towing assistance cheaply in Melbourne-:

Towing services by Automakers

When purchasing your car, there are some new and used ones which come with a warranty that covers roadside assistance such as towing. The coverage may vary, depending on the manufacturer and the car, and if it is included in your case, you can always call them as long as you are still within the warranty period and you can free or very cheap towing services.

Towing Services by Credit Card Companies

There are some credit companies which will offer you with Free Towing Services in Melbourne. As a matter of fact, most of the big players in the industry will offer this facility and they include but not limited to Citi, Capital One, Chase and Wells Fargo amongst others. The only caveat to the towing services offered by the credit card companies is that they will tow your car to the nearest dealership or for a given number of miles, then after that, you may be compelled to pay for the extra miles.

Auto Insurance Providers

Auto insurance providers are the other avenue for getting free or cheap towing services in Melbourne. In most cases, towing services will be availed by such companies if you have comprehensive or collision insurance, but you should be advised that the charges may vary from location to location and it is vital that you confirm the details with your specific auto insurance provider.

For emergency towing services in any part of Melbourne, it is highly advisable you have the contact with a reputable towing company so that you are guaranteed of getting help when you need it the most.

Towing Melbourne is one such company and you can contact them on a 24/7 basis at 0426020595 for affordable and efficient towing in Melbourne.