When the car is one that is cherished, no other type of tow other than Tilt Tray Towing Melbourne will do. Tilt Tray Towing is for:

• Cars that have been involved in an accident and you want to ensure no further damage occurs to them. Since towing the car with its back wheels on the ground may cause further damage, tilt tray towing would be a better option.
• Cars that are prestige and show cars. When you have an expensive car that you don’t want to be scratched or damaged in any way while being towed, tilt tray towing is the way to go.
• Motorcycles
• Machinery

When it comes to towing, tilt tray towing provides the ultimate towing experience. And, the more experienced the towing provider, the better the towing. Towing Melbourne offers the following information on tilt tray towing.

Tilt Tray Towing Melbourne

When a tow is needed, an amateur or inexperienced tow service should never be considered; especially with tilt tray towing. Don’t assume that because the company has a flatbed to tow with that they “know their stuff.” Towing is a delicate process and takes experience and expertise to be carried out without a hitch. Tow technicians need to be certified and trained and have the experience of more than operating the hydraulics on the truck.

Towing Melbourne

When in need of tilt tray towing, Towing Melbourne is an excellent choice for a tow service provider. We have the experience and a fleet of well-maintained flatbeds with state of the art equipment. We know that when we have a call to tow a luxury or prestige car that all precautions must be taken, such as using soft straps to ensure no damage to the paint. We also know that each step of the process of loading, securing the car, transporting the car, and unloading the car must be error free. We are the towing service that has the experience to safely tow vehicles of any class.

With us, vehicle owners receive quality towing services from seasoned technicians that have the experience to complete the job they perform; and, do so at affordable rates.

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To obtain a Cash Quote for Tilt Tray Towing Services in Melbourne, please contact us at the number below. When we make a quote, we guarantee that the price is the final cost of the customers’ bills. Quotes can also be obtained by visiting our homepage and completing the “Instant Quote” form. With Towing Melbourne, you get a quality tow and a quick response time. Call us for a quote at 0426 020 595.