Winter tends to be a peak season for Car Towing Melbourne. Many motorists tends to ignore the seasonal changes that need to be managed for a vehicle. To help avoid a breakdown this winter, follow our top list of tips.


Stay fuelled up: you want to make sure that you don’t run out of fuel on a cold, windy or rainy day – or any other day for that matter. But there is another reason why you should keep your tank above half during winters as low levels of fuel results in condensation that results in poor performance of the engine. If you’re planning to go for a longer drive then fill up.

Check the battery

Flat battery calls are one of the major reasons for Tow Truck callouts every year and can be avoided easily by regular maintenance. Your battery needs special attention during winters, as winters are the most likely times that batteries fail. It is this time that all electrical components work the hardest making the battery the weakest link. It’s important to have your starting and charging system checked every six months as the naked eye may not be able to detect battery faults.

Check your brakes

The braking system is one of the most important safety features of the car. As roads get wet breaks tend to become even more important. Worn out brakes tend to extend your stopping distances and increases the risk of collision and it’s better to get your brake pads changer sooner or later.

Check your tires

Check your tires for wear and tear. If the pressure is too low or tires are worn out below the legal limit, they will have less grip on the road and may increase the stopping distance. Rotate your tires and have the alignment checked as this keeps all tires from wearing down in the same spot. In other words mixing up the tires keeps tread depth pattern continually. If tires are cared for regularly it will hamper your vehicles ability to grip the road and overall vehicle performance.

Change your wiper fluid

There are summer blends and winter blends for windshields that have different compositions. The summer blend is usually made up of water whilst alcohol is added I the winter blend making the washer fluid. Thus makes it less likely to freeze as it hits your windshield. You may also purchase winter blend solvents with deicing properties.

If however you do get stuck in an unwanted situation with your car stalling have you may contact out 24/7 ‘towing services in Melbourne’. We are here to help, call 0426 020 595.