Towing services can be of various kinds. The basic difference is between accident-damaged vehicles and vehicles which have broken down due to an engine failure or lack of fuel. If you are looking for Emergency Towing in Melbourne, Towing Melbourne can help you.

Our Towing Melbourne service personnel will reach you with their specialized trucks to help you out anywhere you’re stuck. But before that, let us tell you all about accident towing and breakdown towing.

What Is the Difference Between The Two?

If a vehicle has broken down in the middle of the street or late at night, it can be very irritating. But you can call any ‘trade towing’ truck in your vicinity for help. Non-accident vehicles can now be towed away by non-licensed towing trucks. This service has been deregulated and anyone with a proper towing mechanism can do it for you.

However, things like road traffic regulations, protecting consumer laws, and other due regulatory laws regarding occupation and safety must be followed. The best Towing Melbourne services take care of these things and you can rely on them for help.

On the other hand, it might be that your car has met with a minor accident and needs towing service. This can only be done by a tow truck company that is licensed to do this job. This work is separated from trade towing by two specific things. At most Emergency Towing Melbourne services, you’ll have both. These trucks are operated by properly trained, equipped and accredited personnel as well as the number plates are issued with ‘TOW’ or ‘HTT’ on them.

Any other random tow truck service cannot tow an accident vehicle. The operations are regulated and overseen by the Government. They fall under the Accident Towing Services Act 2007 and Accident Towing Services Regulations 2008 of Victoria. This ensures a safe and secure towing service in the region.

Who Will You Call & Why?

We all understand that towing services, either for breakdown or accident vehicles, arises when there’s an emergency. In this undesirable situation, the right towing company with helpful staff will be good for you. At our Emergency Towing Melbourne services, we offer the right prices and expert technicians.

All accident towing service rates are regulated by the gazettes from the Victorian Government. But prices for trade/breakdown towing remain unregulated. We always charge the most affordable prices for you. We also accept all kinds of payments: cash, card, and EFTPOS.

Our Towing Melbourne service personnel are available 24*7 for you. Feel free to call us at 0426-020-595.