If you have a junk car taking unnecessary space in your lawn or driveway, you can sell it for instant cash to a reputable towing company in Melbourne. When you decide to do so, you should always aim for the top dollar, but since not all the removal companies will be willing to give you the rates you desire on your old car, you need to device ways through which you can maximize the amount of money you get from the sale of the junk car. Listed below are a few secrets to help maximize your returns when selling your car to a towing company in Melbourne-:

The Value is in the Weight and not Accessories

When you decide to call the cash for cars companies like Towing Melbourne, the quote you receive will be based on the weight of the vehicle and not on the value of the parts. Since the money you will be paid for will be based on the weight of the scrap, you should remove all the valuable components such as the expensive stereo or the brand new transmission system you just installed. You can then go ahead and sell the parts separately for more profits.

Dismantle the Car and Sell Separately If You Have the Time and the Expertise

For even better returns, you can decide to scrap the car on your own and sell the parts separately. With this approach, you will have to tear apart everything that is not metal from the car’s interior, remove the seats, and other accessories, drain the fluids and so on. Though it may prove to be time consuming and you will require an extra hand if your mechanic skills are less desirable, you are guaranteed of getting more profits compared to selling your car as a whole to the junk yards.

Consider using local car removal companies

Your location is likely to determine the payout you will get on your old car. If the car removal company will have to tow your car for a long distance to their yards, they are likely to charge you for the transportation costs and this will end up eating into your payout. But if you are working with a local car towing company in Melbourne, they may offer you Free Towing Services so that you don’t worry about incurring the transportation charges and get your money whole.

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